Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 157: “The Hundred-Foot Journey”

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Are you hungry for a serious discussion of the new Helen Mirren film? Have you been starving for a debate about the merits of how excitable Oprah Winfrey gets? Have you cleared your plate of big-budget superhero movies in the hopes of something lighter and easier to digest? Are you overstuffed with food puns in this post? Well, loosen your belt a bit, because there may be at least one more before it’s over. This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, Josh and Gabe travel to the villages of France to talk about Lasse Hallstrom’s new film The Hundred-Foot Journey, all about an extra-talented young man from India who gets a chance to prove himself to a stuffy French restaurateur played by Dame Mirren herself. Joining the duo is Kate Erbland of Film School Rejects, who made a hundred-foot journey of her own to accept this film, even if its romantic storyline is somewhat curdled. But no more spoilers here! Dive right into this new episode (but don’t talk while your mouth is full)!


Listen here!

  • Rick

    Great job ignoring Robin Williams death guys. What did he ever do for Disney right?

  • Josh Spiegel

    It’s possible that we recorded this episode before his tragic passing. In fact, it’s probable!

    • Rick

      And could it have been possible. That you could have added a little prologue informing the listeners of the tragic events that transpired and spliced it with the one you recorded before. That way it doesn’t sound like you don’t give a crap that he died. Considering this a Disney Podcast and Robin Williams is well known for his work with Disney. It should have been mandatory that something about him was said.